Teaching and Research


at the Faculty of Health Sciences of theUniversity of Lübeck mainly for the part time Bachelor Degree Course in Ocupational Therapy / Speech and Language Pathology (SLP), as well as in Master Degree Course in Health and Patient centred Care.

  • Speech development
  • Assessment and intervention in speech sound disorders in children
  • clinical reasoning
  • Research methods and design
  • Prevention of dylexia

Supervision of BSc and MA disserations at the University of Lübeck as well as the EUAS and further universities (RWTH Aachen, G; University of Southern Denmark, Odense, DK; University of Sheffield, UK; Trontheim University, NO)

Supervsion of PhD projects and counseling of research projects in cooperation with the University of Sheffield, UK; RWTH Aachen, G; University of Southern Denmark, DK; .


Current research projects focus on

  • the interaction of early speech acquisition (babbling and phonology in first words) with later lexical development (PhD Project Sigrun Lang),
  • the phonological development and its disorders in Danish-speaking (Cooperation: Dr. Marit Clausen, University of Southern Denmark)
  • the phonological development and its disorders in Norwegian-speaking children (Cooperation with STATPED Dr. Anne Frank / Dr. Kirsten Bjerkan/ Celine Alme, University of Trondheim, Norway).
  • The development of  evidence based assessment procedures for children with SSD (psychometric criteria of the PLAKSS-II; adaptation of the PLAKSS-II for Luxembourgian (Marise Zeyen, LU, ALO, LU, Anne Bracci, EUAS; DIFFKAS, a phonology test for Norwegian, Frank & Bjerkan)


Assessment and Support

I offer support to parents and Speech and Language Pathologist concerning the assessment, diagnosis and intervention of children with complex speech disorders, with or without language impairment.