Diagnosis and intervention of childhood speech sound disorders (P.O.P.T.)

Differential diagnosis of childhood speech sound disorders (SSD) is characterized by a large variety of terminology, diagnostic criteria and intervention approaches used. International research was able to demonstrate that taking a psycholinguistic perspective can be a useful method for the identification of underlying deficits and differential diagnosis of speech sound disorders.  The classification model by Dodd (1995/2005) is a psycholinguistic model, which offers the identification of underlying deficits of SSD via a phonological process and inconsistency analysis and the deduction of appropriate intervention approaches. The aim of the offered course will be to provide theoretical background knowledge and practical tasks to exercise the assessment process and the intervention planning. The main focus will lie on the intervention approach P.O.P.T. (psycholinguistic orientated phonological intervention, Fox-Boyer 2016), a language independent phonological intervention approach, which will be explained in depth and video based. Additionally the two types of disorders “inconsistent phonological disorder” and “childhood apraxia of speech” will be explained. The aims of the course are:
  • Provision of theoretical background knowledge and terminology on the topics of phonetics phonology and development , accompanied by practical tasks
  • Teaching of differential diagnosis of SSD and underlying deficits
  • Clinical exercises on differential diagnosis (phonological process analysis)
  • Intervention for children with phonological delay or onsistent phonological disorder (P.O.P.T. – case studies, videos)
  • Differential diagnosis of “inconsistent phonological disorder” and “childhood apraxia of speech”
Participants will receive a small handout prior to the course with exercises and solutions, in order to provide some course preparation. Courses in Norway and Denmark will be taught mainly in English, but some parts will be supported in the country languages by a native Danish or Norwegian speaking Colleague (SLT/Phonetician). All courses run in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg or Switzerland will be taught in German only.

Ms Schauß-Golecki and Ms Groos are the only Lecturers which have been certified by me tot ach my course on speech sound disorders, specifically P.O.P.T. The contend and the structure of their courses are identical to those given by me. We have been working closely together for many years.