In print:

Clausen M, Fox-Boyer A (2021 early online) Reliability and Validity of the Logofova – a speech assessment for Danish-speaking children. Journal of Communication Disorders

Fox-Boyer A, Lavaggi S, Fricke, S (2021 early online) Phonological variations in typically developing Italian-speaking children aged 3;0-4;11. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics


Latest publications:

Fox-Boyer, A., Albrecht, K. & Fricke, S. (2020) Phonologische Prozesse bei sich typisch entwickelnden türkischdeutsch-sprachigen Kindern (Phonological pattern in typically developing Turkish-German-speaking children). Sprache Stimme Gehör, 44, 1-8

Lang, S., Willmes-Hinckelday, K., Marschik, P., Zhang, D.  & Fox-Boyer, A. (2020) Prelexical phonetic and early lexical development in German-acquiring infants: canonical babbling and first spoken words. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics.